What are your Summer 14er goals?

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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby forbins_mtn » Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:41 pm

Capitol, Chicago Basin, Rainier, Bells Traverse - anything else is a bonus. Last year I had the most fun on random 13er trips that were pretty spontaneous(Ice Mtn and Apostles, and the Citadel)
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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby JROSKA » Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:57 pm

Yes, this is the time of year when I start thinking of the upcoming summer. Of course, that involves setting some goals. Generally, those are:

1) Attempt a few Class 3 routes. I feel that I am ready for that challenge.

2) Work on my route-finding. I feel like I make a few to many mistakes there, I always catch them quickly, but I want to stop making the mistakes (even minor ones) in the first place.

3) Become more adept at camping. I love the mountains, still feel "out of my element" when camping. I think camping can make the 14er experience more relaxing and enjoyable, and opens up more possibilities.

4) Continue to work towards seeing the value in the entire experience, even if it doesn't include a summit. I have improved on this a lot since I started. Regardless of the reason, I have no problem making a quick decision to turn away before a summit. While I never feel a sense of failure, the disappointment is still difficult to shake in the days afterwards. I'd like to work towards not feeling any disappointment when a summit isn't reached.

5) Finally, continue to improve my teamwork skills. Of the people who I've teamed up with to this point, I've observed some who are very strong in this area, and others who are not. I always take notice of this because it helps me to become a better team player myself. I know that there have been a few instances where I could have been a better team player than I was. I'm always trying to improve this, because I believe that it is extremely important.

Finally, the Peak List. Not going to get to all of these, but I'd like 5 or 6.

Huron, Handies, Harvard, Conundrum, Elbert, Uncompahgre, Antero, Wetterhorn, Longs, and Torrey's via Kelso.
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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby Beas » Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:48 pm

Last year, I didn't start climbing until late July, and ended up with 17 summits. This year I will start early and am hopeful that I'll climb another 17 to 20.

Mosquito - Sherman (maybe sooner than later if I grow a pair and climb in winter)
Sawatch - Tabeguache/Shavano with an Angel glissade on the descent, Huron, Antero, and possibly Yale
Sangre de Cristo - Humboldt, Kit Carson/Challenger, and possibly Lindsey
San Juan - San Luis, Chicago Basin, and maybe Sneffels
Elk - Castle/Conundrum, Snowmass, and Pyramid if I'm feeling bold

I can't wait for summer!
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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby gonzalj » Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:50 pm

Well, in anticipation of an August trek in the cordillera huayhuash in Peru I want to get the bells traverse, blanca/ellingwood, chicago basin, capitol, holy cross & crestones amongst others. In September I'd like to do the el diente-wilson traverse
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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby ameristrat » Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:01 am

SilverLynx wrote:I'm aware that this is extremely ambitious, but I like to set the bar high for myself... It will be interesting to see how far along in this list I can make it this year. I would at least like to make sure I can get Capitol, Pyramid, Kit Carson/Challenger and Chicago Basin. Planning on doing Snowmass and the Crestones with ameristrat. :-D

May 2013:
Castle Peak
Conundrum Peak
Snowmass Mountain

*Might hold off on Snowmass until June depending on snow conditions.

June 2013:
Crestone Peak
Crestone Needle (repeat)
Wilson Peak
Mount Wilson
El Diente Peak

July 2013:
Windom Peak*
Sunlight Peak*
Mount Eolus*
North Eolus*
Culebra Peak
San Luis Peak

*I would like to do Chicago Basin with my uncle and cousin if they can make it out here this summer.

August 2013:
Longs Peak (repeat)
Pyramid Peak
Challenger Point
Kit Carson Peak
Mount Sneffels

September 2013:
Capitol Peak
North Maroon Peak
South Maroon Peak
Blanca Peak
Little Bear Peak

I should add that none of this is set in stone or anything. It's just a rough idea. I'm willing to switch climbs around depending on conditions (early season), weather and partners.

Atta girl! I pretty much penciled in 30 14ers between now and October. We'll see what actually happens, but I'm probably down to climb every one of those on your list haha. May move some of those difficult ones on your list into August in case we get some early-season snow.
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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby milan » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:08 am

Hey, don't we have this thread every year here? My first goal is to get enough vacation at the right time to get to Colorado with my friend. If that works, then:
Pre-season: Try the Alps, via ferrata, get in shape.
1. Finish on LB and add the Massive Mania to have all 53/58/59 whoever counts what...
And before and afer
2. Some 13ers around Evans to acclimatize (Grey Wolf, Spalding, Evans himself), Kelso on Torreys for fun, North Arapaho for more fun, Longs (repeat, for my friend) via Loft - cuz adding Meeker (for me); Blanca and Ellingwood when we would be already there for LB; Maybe some Elks (again, because they are beautiful and I'd like to show them to my friend)..
3. Meet as many of my friends from 14ers.com as possible.
4. Get a lot of buffalo wings and stouts and porters in Boulder's Suns and other breweries as I don't have them here.

As I always say: Let's see how things go!
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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby Billy the Kid » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:11 am

I'm hoping/planning on an exciting summer...this is the year I am looking to finish the entire 58! I have remaining:

Little Bear
Crestone Needle
Mt. Wilson
Wilson Peak
El Diente
San Luis

On a side note, if anyone is wanting/planning to do any of these peaks, hit me up! I will definitely be looking for some good hiking partners!
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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby seth0687 » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:14 am

I'm shooting for 10 plus Rainier....we shall see how things pan out. Less time at work equals bigger number of mountains climbed lol.

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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby Brian C » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:26 am

14er summer goals? People actually climb those things??? :shock:

Dancesatmoonrise wrote:Anything in 50 Classic Climbs.

There's a good one nearby, out there waiting for you...

I always enjoy seeing people's goal lists. Keep 'em up!
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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby geojed » Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:34 am

Brian, should we start a different thread called "What are your Summer Non-14er goals"? :lol:

My goals are to keep working on the Cents in the Sangres, Elks and eastern San Juans (well, east of Silverton at least). Might make it out to Chicago Basin or Mt Wilson area for a peak-bagging trip with my brother from Utah.

Of course I have a couple of BIG DAYS in the works and one DAY OF INSANITY planned. :wink:

Also plan on getting out for some smaller hikes and campouts with my 5 & 3yr old boys. 8)
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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby Svenski Norski » Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:40 am

For my house in Vermont to sell so I can move back to Leadville and work on the 27 remaining 14ers I haven't climbed at least once-
and some Centennials along the way-
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Re: What are your Summer 14er goals?

Postby SolarAlex » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:18 am

summer 14er goals...finish the remaining 41 on my list! most likely not gonna happen unless weather, schedule and my work ethic all align perfectly, but I do have 5 goals that id like to think are reasonable

1) crestones + humboldt
2) Snowmass
3) San Luis Peak
4) Chicago Basin
5) Harvard-Columbia

I really want to do some multi day trips this year...I missed out on a chicago basin trip last summer for a dumb reason. I plan on taking a week and just driving around and car camping, trying to hike as many peaks as possible. Pretty stoked for it this year, its looking like my summer is gonna be wide open, so hopefully ill get a lot of new peaks
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