Ski-the-Teeners Standards

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Re: Ski-the-Teeners Standards

Postby benners » Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:08 pm

I agree with the previous posters take on the subject, and I also agree that this discussion is often tedious. I've carried skis my fair share of times already to 13,900' and dropped em for another day, it's definitely a bummer when it happens, but I realize having patience and going back for a better descent is ultimately what will be the most fulfilling. There are even a few I've "claimed" as descents for which I have full intentions to return and improve upon at a later date, but I have no problem claiming them now as they still technically counted (i.e. Oxford skiing only 700' off the top, or Uncompahgre down climbing the 40' gully). Overall I subscribe to the idea that if you wanna put your name next to the other finishers, at a bare minimum you need to do what they did, this is the standard I've adopted, and thus I'll likely be heading back to improve upon a few of my descents. The ultimate litmus test for me is asking the question "has this been skied better in the past?" If so, then head back. One final thought; as I think most of us know, if you're up there questioning whether or not your descent was legit then it probably wasn't :D.

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